Tear In The Sun

by Shedding



Connor Bell is unstuck in time. Walking the world as Shedding, he's been creating music out of his Louisville, Kentucky, home from over a decade. His discography spans pristinely captured synth-based live sets, processed field recordings, dives into drone, and deconstructed rock music. And the timeline? It's no line at all; Shedding is best attributed an infinity symbol. The new album, "Tear In The Sun", was written and recorded in 2007. Assembled in 2010 in a limited edition package, it's found the perfect time to appear…and to be the soundtrack for its own unearthing.

"The harmonium drones," writes Bell, explaining the core magnetism of the 19th century instrument that rings out as you settle into side A of "Tear In The Sun". Joining that distinct organic sound is another, making its first-ever appearance on a Shedding album: Bell's voice. The tones coalesce, not spiritually distant from the fusing of sampled bird songs and Eric Dolphy odes on Shedding's "What God Doesn't Bless, You Won't Love; What You Don't Love", the Child Won't Know, which The Wire described as "teetering at the edge of becoming a symphonic field recording." That balancing act is Shedding's art. And in the case of "Tear In The Sun", one slip and that chasm below is deep.

Disconnect. Perspective. Idealize. Cauterize. Suffocate. Incineration. The track list for "Tear In The Sun" is your key to a story mapped across six movements. "People crave the elegance of the black and white," writes Bell, framing the archetypal tale of the album: man can no longer relate to the world, man leaves the world, man is exhilarated by his decision, man questions his decision, man is undermined by his decision, man is destroyed. The picture is somewhere between a moonwalk and a walkabout. 

"Tear In The Sun" is limited to 500 transparent red 33 RPM vinyl LPs. It is packaged in a heavy PVC jacket with a multi-color silk-screened cover designed and printed by Sonnenzimmer the Chicago studio run by Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi.


released December 7, 2010



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Shedding Louisville, Kentucky

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